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Merchandise Description

Casting Roller Shaft and Equipment Shaft


CITICTIC is the casting & forging heart in central-south China, possessing 50t electric powered arc furnace, 60t LF ladle refining furnace, and 60t VD/VOD refining furnace, and many others. We can pour 350t liquid metal 1 time and yields much more than 200,000t of  higher top quality liquid metal and can make the high quality steel of much more than 260 steel grades this kind of as carbon metal, structural alloy steel and the structural metal, refractory metal and stainless metal of specific necessity. The greatest bodyweight of casting, grey casting, graphite cast iron and non-ferrous casting is 200t, 30t, 20t and 205t independently. 
The business is the forging middle in central-south China. It is extremely powerful in forging. The solitary free forging is 100t(max bodyweight). We can roll rings of different sections of carbon steel, alloy steel, large temperature alloy and non-ferrous alloys these kinds of as copper alloy, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy. The optimum diameter is 5.5m and one piece of the forging weighs 10t. We have 8400t, 3150t, 1600t, drinking water press and Uncooked 200/a hundred and sixty-5000/750 huge-measurement ring mill of high precision in Asia made in WAGNER, Germany.

one. Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and as your requests
2. Standard: Standard: ANSI, API, ASTM, BSI, DIN, GB, ISO, JIS and more standards.
three. Mechanical Properties: customized requirements are accepted.
4. Hardness: customized requirements are accepted.
5. Surface treatment: rust preventive oil and according to your requirements.
six. Application: mainly used in various machinery equipment in the fields of mining, metallurgical, chemical industry, construction, and so on
7. QA and DOC: chemical composition report, mechanical properties report, UT report, PT report, heat treatment report, dimensions check report, hardness report and more
We can offer third party inspection.
8. Process: raw material purchasing – forging- rough machining – heat treatment – semi machining – finish machining – painting and packing
various process conditions are available.
9. Certificates: ISO 9001:2008
10. Products ability: Max length: 20m, Max OD: 2m
eleven. Heat treatment: quenching and tempering, normalizing and tempering.
twelve. QC: fabrication schedule, fabrication process chart, inspection and test plan
13. Packing: coated with rust preventive oil, seaworthy packing. 

Parameters of Forging Shaft:  

Title Shaft
Materials Forging carbon steel, forging alloy steel
Diameter Max. 2m
Size Max. 20m


Quality T4 Pto Shaft: This T4 PTO shaft is a well-cast series4 driveline shaft with CE certification. It consists of a strong 20CrMnTi carburized metal universal joint and a Q345 steel tube inside the protect. The PTO shafts are tough and sturdy in functioning with all sorts of agricultural machinery.Splines and Round Finishes: Tractor End: 1-3/8″ x 6 Splines Execution Stop: 1-3/8″ x Round Conclude. Our bristle PTO shafts are constructed with 6 splined finishes and are standard 1 3/8″ measurement to perfectly match equipment and tractors of the very same measurement and type, providing your equipment a outstanding drive.
An agricultural electricity just take-off (PTO) drivetrain is a driveshaft-sort gadget that connects the tractor to the implement that needs to be operated. The connection provided by the driveline allows the device to attract energy directly from the tractor’s motor. Just like hydraulic machinery, a PTO’s drivetrain can eventually fail due to the rigors of everyday agricultural tasks, requiring substitution or fix. When it is time to exchange or repair a PTO drivetrain, it is critical to choose the appropriate factors for the specific tools in use.

China factory CZPT Roller Shaft and Gear Shaft     near me manufacturer