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China Custom High Quality Hardened Chrome Steel Cylinder Rail 1000mm Length CNC Shaft Round Linear Guides 20mm Propeller Shafts near me supplier

Product Description

Substantial Top quality Hardened Chrome Metal Cylinder Rail 1000mm length CNC Shaft Round Linear Xihu (West Lake) Dis.s 20mm Propeller Shafts

The linear shaft, also name as linear optical axis, is a item that has the guiding purpose of the sliding bearing and can complete linear movement.
Linear Shaft Attribute

Objects Linear shaft Flexible linear shaft Hollow linear shaft
Content CK45, SUJ2 CK45 SUJ2
Warmth remedy Induction hardened Not hardened Induction hardened
Area hardness HRC58±2 HRC15±3 HRC60±2
Area treated Hard chrome plated Tough chrome plated Tough chrome plated
Precision h7, g6, h6 h7, g6 h7, g6, h6
Roundness Max3.0µm Max3.0µm Max3.0µm
Straightness Max5.0µm Max5.0µm Max5.0µm
Chrome thickness 20-30µm 30µm 30µm
Roughness Max1.5µm Max1.5µm Max1.5µm
Process mechanized Threading, reduced shaft diameter,coaxial holes drilled and tapped, flats-one or a number of, essential way, snap ring grooves, radial holes drilled and tapped, chamfer
Application Linear shaft are broadly used in several linear motion programs this sort of as cylinder rods, automatic precision printers, computerized chopping equipment and industrial robots.

Linear Shaft Design

Model SF(C) Diameter ФD(mm) Diameter tolerance μm(g6) Straightness tolerance μm/m Surface roughness Effective hardening depth(mm) Chamfer at equally finish (mm) Weight kg/m Max size mm
common/S Precision/S
SF(C)three three -2~-8 60~-a hundred/m .8~ 1.six .4~ 0.8 > 1. 0.three .06 three hundred
SF(C)4 four -4~-twelve .1 four hundred
SF(C)5 five .16 500
SF(C)six six .23 600
SF(C)8 eight -5~-fourteen 0.5 .four a thousand
SF(C)10 ten one hundred~-one hundred fifty/m .62 1500
SF(C)12 12 -6~-seventeen .89 2500
SF(C)13 thirteen one.04 3000
SF(C)sixteen sixteen 0.7 one.fifty eight 3000
SF(C)20 20 -7~-twenty > 1.5 2.47 3000
SF(C)25 twenty five 3.85 3000
SF(C)thirty 30 > 2. 1 5.fifty five 3000
SF(C)35 35 -9~-25 7.fifty five 4000
SF(C)forty forty > 2.five nine.87 4000
SF(C)fifty fifty 1~1.five fifteen.four 5000
SF(C)sixty sixty -ten~-29 > 3. 22.two 5000
SF(C)80 eighty 39.five 5000
SF(C)a hundred one hundred -12~-34 1.five 61.7 6000
SF(C)one hundred twenty 120 88.eight 6000
SF(C)a hundred and fifty one hundred fifty -14~-39 139 6000

Solution Particulars
Linear Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Unit

Our Company

Safer and far more compact to use: The PTO expansion shaft is totally tested, compact and can be changed immediately with no any hassle, making it an effective energy transfer tool. Safety chains and plastic shields protect towards potential dangers during transport.
EP offers a extensive range of stock PTO shafts and yokes, clutches, shaft addresses, pipes and any other equipment to meet your PTO demands. Energy consider-offs are utilized to transfer electrical power from a tractor or other electricity resource to a device. The two most commonly used tractor power consider-offs are 540 and a thousand rpm, and electrical power take-offs can be of diverse measurements and lengths. If you have any questions about cardan shafts, cardan shaft elements, dimension drawings or extensions, remember to speak to our experts online.

China Custom High Quality Hardened Chrome Steel Cylinder Rail 1000mm Length CNC Shaft Round Linear Guides 20mm Propeller Shafts     near me supplier