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Yutong Coach Bus Transmission Shaft
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Bus model:
ZK6122HD  Size: 11600&ast2550&ast3830 &lparmm)
ZK6147H CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6147H  Size: 13670&ast2550&ast3860 &lparmm)
ZK6116D CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6116D  Size: 11545&ast2500&ast3560&sol3650&lpar… &lparmm)
ZK6122H9 CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6122H9 Dimension: a thousand&ast2550&ast3830 &lparmm)
ZK6122H9&lparHN9) CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6122H9&lparHN9)  Size: 12000&ast2550&ast3830 &lparmm)
ZK6858H9 CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6858H9  Size: 8543&ast2470&ast3340 &lparmm)
ZK6120D1 CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6120D1  Size: 12000&ast2550&ast3780 &lparmm)
ZK6720DF CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6720DF  Size: 7150&ast2240&ast2940 &lparmm)
ZK6107HA CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6107HA  Size: 10490&ast2500&ast3670 &lparmm)
ZK6129H CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6129H  Size: 11995&ast2550&ast3800 &lparmm)
ZK6122HE9 CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6122HE9  Size: 11600&ast2500&ast3600 &lparmm)
ZK6752DFA9 CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6752DFA9  Size: 7470&ast2340&ast2970&sol3100&lparA&solC) &lparmm)
ZK6107HA&lparE)  Size: 10490&ast2500&ast3670&lpar3500) &lparmm)
ZK6129HQ CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6129HQ  Size: 12280&ast2550&ast3800 &lparmm)
ZK6708DH CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6708DH  Size: 7045&ast2065&ast2750 &lparmm)
ZK6932D1 CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6932D1  Size: 9300&ast2450&ast3380 &lparmm)
ZK6760DAA CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6760DAA  Size: 7625&ast2320&ast3060 &lparmm)
ZK6930H CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6930H  Size: 9295&ast2480&ast3330 &lparmm)
ZK6608DM CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6608DM  Size: 5875&ast2240&ast2780&sol2890&lparA&solC) &lparmm)
ZK6752N1 CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6752N1  Size: 7470&ast2340&ast3100 &lparmm)
ZK6908H CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6908H  Size: 8995&ast2500&ast3460 &lparmm)
ZK6938HQ &lparCoach) CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6938HQ &lparCoach)  Size: 9350&ast2500&ast3340 &lparmm)
ZK6838H CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6838H  Size: 8325&ast2470&ast3340 &lparmm)
ZK6729D CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6729D  Size: 7190&ast2240&ast3040 &lparmm)
Town buses:
ZK6126HGA  Size: 11990&ast2550&ast2985 &lparmm)
ZK6118HGA CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6118HGA   Size: 11600&ast2550&ast3075 &lparmm)
ZK6131HG1 CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6131HG1   Dimensions: 12500&ast2500&ast3150 &lparmm)
ZK6128HGE CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6128HGE  Size: 11990&ast2550&ast3150 &lparmm)
ZK6100NGA9 CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6100NGA9  Size: 10440&ast2500&ast3400 &lparmm)
ZK6852HG CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6852HG  Size: 8545&ast2420&ast3085&sol3205&lparA&solC) &lparmm)
ZK6108HG CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6108HG  Size: 10305&ast2500&ast3100 &lparmm)
ZK6741HGA9 CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6741HGA9  Size: 735&ast2350&ast3000&sol3200&lparA&solC) &lparmm)
ZK6128HG CZPT bus&lpar)   ZK6128HG
ZK6108HGC CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6108HGC  Size: 10305&ast2500&ast3200 &lparmm)
ZK6842DG CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6842DG  Size: 8350&ast2430&ast3165 &lparmm)
ZK6729D CZPT bus&lpar)   ZK6729D
ZK6116HGS  Size: 11310&ast2550&ast4200 &lparmm)
ZK6126HGB CZPT bus&lpar)    ZK6126HGB  Size: 11975&ast2550&ast4035 &lparmm)
Intercity buses:
ZK6122H9  Size: 12000&ast2550&ast3830 &lparmm)
ZK6122H9&lparHN9) CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6122H9&lparHN9)  Size: 12000&ast2550&ast3830 &lparmm)
ZK6121HQ CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6121HQ  Size: 12365&ast2550&ast3400 &lparmm)
ZK6938HQ &lparIntercity bus) CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6938HQ &lparIntercity bus)  Size: 9350&ast2500&ast3340 &lparmm)
ZK6729D CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6729D  Size: 7190&ast2240&ast2850&lparto roof… &lparmm)
Faculty buses:
ZK6729DX  Size: 7245&ast2270&ast3035 &lparmm)
ZK6669DX CZPT bus&lpar) 
ZK6669DX  Size: 6645&ast2270&ast2955&lparroof ha… &lparmm)
Airport airfield bus:
ZK6140BD  Size: 13800&ast3000&ast3100 &lparmm)
Specific autos:
ZK5150XLJ1  Size: 10490&ast2500&ast3670 &lparmm)
ZK5181XSW1 CZPT bus&lpar)    ZK5181XSW1  Size: 12000&ast2550&ast3830 &lparmm)
ZK5120XSW1 CZPT bus&lpar)    ZK5120XSW1  Size: 8543&ast2470&ast3340 &lparmm)
ZK5039XJH1 CZPT bus&lpar)    ZK5039XJH1  Size: 5223×1901×2360 &lparmm)
ZK5157XQC CZPT bus&lpar)    ZK5157XQC  Size: 10490&ast2500&ast3670 &lparmm)
ZK5080XGC3 CZPT bus&lpar)    ZK5080XGC3  Size: 6630&ast2340&ast3571 &lparmm)
Cummins ISCe 300 thirty
WD 615.44
YC6L 350-three
Gentleman D2866 LOH 28
Hino J08C UF

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EP delivers a vast selection of stock PTO shafts and yokes, clutches, shaft addresses, pipes and any other accessories to meet your PTO demands. Electricity take-offs are used to transfer electrical power from a tractor or other energy supply to a instrument. The two most typically used tractor power get-offs are 540 and a thousand rpm, and energy take-offs can be of different dimensions and lengths. If you have any inquiries about cardan shafts, cardan shaft elements, dimension drawings or extensions, remember to make contact with our experts on the web.
The tractor’s quick shaft, generally referred to as the PTO, transmits power from the tractor to the PTO-driven device or instrument. Electrical power transfer is attained by connecting the machine’s driveshaft to the tractor’s PTO stub shaft. The PTO and driveshaft have been run at 540 rpm (9 cycles/sec) or one thousand rpm (16.6 cycles/sec). At any velocity, their rotation is proportional to the speed of the tractor motor. Most incidents involving PTO stubs are thanks to clothing being caught by a active but unsuspecting PTO stub. Motives a PTO stub might continue being engaged incorporate: the operator forgets or does not know the PTO clutch is engaged sees the PTO stub spinning but thinks it is not harmful adequate to release it, or the operator is engaged in work actions. Shoelaces, pant legs, overalls and coveralls, sweatshirts, and trench coats are clothes that can be grabbed and wrapped around spinning PTO spools.

China wholesaler CZPT Coach Bus Transmission Shaft     with Hot selling