China OEM Shaft Drive Motorcycles Allowance for Machining Oxide Scale Cleaning Machine with Hot selling

Item Description


                                                               200KG Extrahigh Force Ship Forgings CZPT Machine

Products basic principle:

In the forging CZPT machine technique, the high-pressure water produced by the large-pressure h2o pump enters the nozzle of the CZPT cleaner. Below the action of the nozzle, the substantial force water kinds a admirer-formed h2o beam with excellent impact drive, which is sprayed onto the floor of the very hot billet forgings (or intermediate billet). Underneath the action of the large pressure fan-shaped h2o jet beam, the oxide scale has undergone the process of cutting, quenching and shrinking, stripping from the base metallic and washing it absent from the surface of the billet (or intermediate billet), so as to cleanse the oxide scale.

When the higher force h2o is hit to the sizzling billet floor through the nozzle, the subsequent changes will happen:

one.The enthusiast-shaped fashioned by drinking water stream is like a sharp blade, which cuts the dense iron sheet to sort cracks. It can be observed that the skinny supporter-formed has much more striking electrical power

two.High force h2o evaporates rapidly by way of cracks, which final results in equivalent blasting effect, which will peel off oxide sheet from foundation metal

three. When the scale is impacted by drinking water, it shrinks when it is cold and makes transverse shear force, which makes the scale peels off from the base metal

four. The drinking water jet with rake angle scours the free iron sheet.

The CZPT equipment from CZPT technologies, the primary human body of the equipment is composed of a pressure program, a transmission method and a CZPT method. The 3 methods jointly use the theory of high-force water CZPT to complete the cleansing procedure of the forging scale.

The frequency conversion motor and the chain represent the transmission system, which is liable for transporting the forgings for the cleansing approach. The transmission velocity of the chain can be altered to guarantee that the temperature of the forgings following cleaning is tiny, which is conducive to subsequent forging.

The CZPT equipment is equipped with 2 h2o tanks. The water tank has a constructed-in CZPT monitor and a web basket to sort the CZPT system of the products to stop oxide scale from moving into the h2o pump and impact the services existence of the gear. At the identical time, it is equipped with a CZPT shovel to thoroughly clean the oxide scale in the drinking water tank.

The large-force water CZPT technique is adopted, and the substantial-pressure water generated by the high-stress water pump enters the CZPT nozzle and is sprayed on the surface of the forging (or intermediate billet). The oxide scale has undergone the procedure of currently being minimize, swiftly cooled and contracted, peeled from the foundation substance, and washed away from the surface of the forging, thus taking away the oxide scale.

1, The main body of the water tank is manufactured of 304 stainless steel and painted with blue sky

two, The exit and entrance adopt integral welding with higher parallelism

three, Front and back created-in baffle, significantly less splash, easy maintenance

4,The nozzle mounting seat is welded with stainless metal, which is simple to maintain

five,Complete treatment method of oxide pores and skin, considerably less reduce the temperature

6,Right after getting rid of the oxide scale, the metallographic composition of the merchandise has no chang

7,Equipped with workstation, automatically take away oxide scale, decrease routine maintenance

eight,Equipped with CZPT tower, numerous filtration


Name Product Workstation measurement(mm) Products size Total power of gear Manufacturer of large strain pump Large force drinking water pump circulation
200KG Extrahigh force CZPT machine DME-two hundred-two hundred 3000*2000*2000 Refer to the design 40KW ITALY 60L/min
Motor brand name Motor power Cooling tower model Cooling tower electricity Electric powered manufacturer Brand name of multistage CZPT separator Energy of multi-stage CZPT separator
Appropriate for bar diameter(mm) Optimum width soon after blank generating Amount of nozzles Content Transmission motor Inverter brand Transmission method
50-two hundred 300 6 304 stainless Selection SIEMENS Selection


1. What variety of forging parts is CZPT machine ideal for?

The CZPT equipment is relevant to the forging production line. It can thoroughly clean the oxide scale produced following heating by induction CZPT and efficiently increase the floor good quality of items.

2. How to choose the product of CZPT equipment? Can it be personalized?

You can select the corresponding regular model through the diameter of the round bar and the dimension of the billet following creating. For particulars, remember to verify the parameter navigation bar of the webpage. If there is a require for customization, we can also give personalized solutions according to the customer’s uncooked material size and approach.

three. How to daily keep CZPT products?

We will advocate that consumers routinely thoroughly clean the oxide scale in the water tank. You only require to use a CZPT shovel to eliminate most of the oxide scale. But also routinely replace the h2o in the h2o tank to ensure a regular CZPT cycle.

four. Does the basic principle of high-strain h2o CZPT change the metallographic structure?

This approach has been analyzed by a third-get together business. The examination report displays that there is no alter in the metallographic construction prior to and after cleaning, which has no impact on the afterwards method.

5. How successful is the CZPT machine? Is there a reference video clip for CZPT tools?

Descaling Technologies has served more than a thousand forging factories in China, and received a massive variety of marketplace opinions results. Concerning the on-web site use of the tools, you should simply click into formal YouTube account as underneath for far more information.

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China OEM Shaft Drive Motorcycles Allowance for Machining Oxide Scale Cleaning Machine     with Hot selling