China high quality Shaft and Cylinder Transmission Parts 714-07-32132 Wa450 Wa470 Wa480 CZPT Wheel Loader Parts with Best Sales

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WA350/WA380/WA420/WA450/WA470/WA480 Loader components

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guarantee:6 months

pare areas for D85 ESS dozer 
 600-182- 1310    Element inner
600 – 182 – 1330     Element outer
6735 – 51–5143    Oil  Filter
6734- 71–6120     Fuel Filter
6732 – 81-6170    V.  Belt
3FD — sixty six- 11331    HYO  Filter
218 – 796    Cap Radiator 
3EC — 571411    Hose 
3EC – 571421     Hose 
3EC — 36  –  31710    Booster Assy  Brake
3EC – 01  – 32620     Cable
3EB — 36 — 31410     Joint 
3EC – 01  — 32630    Yoke
3EC – 01  – 32640    Yoke Assy Spline

spare components for PC200-6 EXCAVATOR
6252-31-1571    crankshaft ass’y
705-41-57150    pump ass’y
14X-11-11200    universal joint
705-11-38571    pump ass’y
705-51-2571    pump ass’y
14X-27-77110    segment /enamel
14X-thirty-00089    track roller ass’y
14X-thirty-00098    track roller ass’y
14X-30-00119    idler ass’y
14U-32- 0571 0    link ass’y

spare areas for PC200-7 Excavator     
6735-31-2111    piston
6735-31-2031    ring piston ass’y
6754-22-8320/6754-22-8310    metal primary ass’y with thrust
6754-31-3410    metal con
6735-01-1310    crankshaft ass’y
6735-81-8031    turbocharger kit
20Y-32-07040    link ass’y
600-861-6410    alternator 
600-863-5112    starter
708-2L-00442    pump ass’y
20Y-27-77110    sprocket
20Y-30-00111    track roller ass’y
20Y-30-07200    roller provider
20Y-thirty-00032    idler ass’y
6738-31-2111    piston
20Y-thirty-00111    track roller ass’y
20Y-30-00324    idler ass’y
20Y-32-07040    track hyperlink ass’y
6738-31-2031    piston ring ass’y
6738-eighty one-8092    turbocharger kit
20Y-32-11111    shoe 600mm
20Y-32-05070    shoe bolt kit
20Y-32-05070    shoe bolt package
20Y-27-77110    sprocket

“Major Metal Assy:
/Bearing, Primary”    6150-28-8571
Crankpin Metal Assý: (Consisting of Steel Upper, & Metal Reduce and many others.)    6150-38-3040
Thrust Steel Ass’y:    6150-28-8050
Piston    6150-31-2110
Pin  Piston    6150-31-2410
Bushing    6150-31-3130
Bushing CR    6150-21-1490
Liner Cylinder    6150-21-2222
O-Ring Lower    6150-21-2230
O-Ring Upper    6150-21-2240
Seal Crevice    6150-21-2250
Pump Oil    6150-51-1004
Bushing    6150-31-6120
Bushing    6150-31-6220
Gaskit    6150-17-1812
Valve Intake    6150-forty one-4120
Valve Exhaust    6150-forty one-4210
Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Ingestion Valve    6150-12-1341
Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Exhaust Valve    6150-12-1351
Insert Consumption Valve    6150-eleven-1331
Insert Exhaust Valve    6150-11-1320
Seal Valve Exhaust    6140-forty one-4540
Front Oil Seal    6150-21-3230
Rear Oil Seal    6150-21-4243
Piston Ring Set Assy    6150-31-2032
Bearing    06007-06307
Bearing    06000-06005
Seal Oil     0571 2-10085
Cusion    135-01-31260



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Q3: Warranty 
      3-6 months warranty.  If any components break throughout the guarantee, Just offer us the proof . We’ll send out you a new 1 !

Q5:If parts be lost for the duration of supply , how fix ? 
      We’ll resend the components free of charge of cost . 

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PTO shafts range in dimensions and you will want to locate a matching coupling to drag. Attaching the instrument to the tractor should be effortless. If you have to elevate the device off the floor to connect to the driveshaft, or if the driveshaft is too long, forcing the connection could hurt equally. If you have an present PTO shaft useful, it is easy to validate your duration. Near it and evaluate from PTO yoke to yoke.
High quality T4 Pto Shaft: This T4 PTO shaft is a well-cast series4 driveline shaft with CE certification. It is composed of a solid 20CrMnTi carburized steel universal joint and a Q345 metal tube inside of the protect. The PTO shafts are sturdy and sturdy in functioning with all types of agricultural machinery.Splines and Round Ends: Tractor End: 1-3/8″ x 6 Splines Execution Finish: 1-3/8″ x Round Finish. Our bristle PTO shafts are built with 6 splined finishes and are regular 1 3/8″ measurement to flawlessly match equipment and tractors of the exact same measurement and kind, offering your equipment a superior push.

China high quality Shaft and Cylinder Transmission Parts 714-07-32132 Wa450 Wa470 Wa480 CZPT Wheel Loader Parts     with Best Sales