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Solution Description

Our business offer the CZPT common joints, travel shafts and propshafts and factors, you should make contact with us. 

Terex Number


Item No. Part No. Description Software
1 144-ten-12610 Spider Komatsu
two a hundred and forty four-10-12620 Spider Komatsu
three 14X-11-11110 Spider Komatsu
four 14X-eleven-11221 Spider Komatsu
5 14X-eleven-11200 Spider Komatsu
6 a hundred and fifty-11-12360 Spider Komatsu
7 232-20-52112 Spider Komatsu
8 232-20-54110 Spider Komatsu
nine 283-20-11210W  Spider Komatsu
ten 380-136142-one Spider Komatsu
eleven 381-twelve-4149 Spider Komatsu
twelve 385-10193741 Spider Komatsu
13 423-20-12620  Spider Komatsu
14 424-twenty-12620 Spider Komatsu
fifteen 425-20-11620 Spider Komatsu
sixteen 154-20-10002 Spider Komatsu
17 421-20-H4571 Spider Komatsu
18 419-twenty-H9571 Spider Komatsu
19 a hundred and forty four-fifteen-17101 Spider Komatsu
twenty 423-20-H4571 Spider Komatsu
21 154-20-11000 Spider Komatsu
22 135-960-1120 Spider Komatsu
23 a hundred forty five-fourteen-35110 Spider Komatsu
24 a hundred and fifty-20-0571 Spider Komatsu
twenty five 154-twenty-0571 Spider Komatsu
26 141-10-00012 Spider Komatsu
27 a hundred and forty four-15-17101 Spider Komatsu
28 one hundred forty four-ten-12210 Spider Komatsu
29 one hundred fifty-11-00097 Spider Komatsu
30 154-twenty-57100 Spider Komatsu
31 175-twenty-00050 Spider Komatsu
32 421-twenty-12620 Spider Komatsu
33 175-twenty-00060 Spider Komatsu
34 195-twenty-11100 Spider Komatsu
35 419-15-H9571 Spider Komatsu
36 141-ten-00012 Spider Komatsu
37 150-eleven-00097 Spider Komatsu
38 154-twenty-10002 Spider Komatsu
D53S-17 a hundred thirty five-960-1120 D60A-1,three 141-10-00012
D57S-1 one hundred thirty five-960-1120 D60P-1,3 141-ten-00012
D58E-1,1A,1B one hundred thirty five-960-1120 D60S-1,3 141-ten-00012
D58P-one one hundred thirty five-960-1120 D60A,E,P-6 one hundred forty four-fifteen-17101
D60A,E,F,P,PL,S-8 144-10-12610 D65-6,7,eight one hundred forty four-15-17101
D65A-8 one hundred forty four-ten-12610 D85C-twelve one hundred forty four-15-17101
D65E,P-8 a hundred and forty four-10-12610 D60-7 one hundred forty four-10-12210
D70-LE a hundred and forty four-10-12610 D60-8 one hundred forty four-10-12210
D75A-1 144-10-12610 D60A-eleven a hundred and forty four-10-12210
D75S-five one hundred forty four-ten-12610 D65A-11 144-ten-12210
D50A-sixteen a hundred forty five-14-35110 D85E 144-ten-12210
D50A-17,D53A-17 one hundred forty five-14-35110 D80A-twelve a hundred and fifty-eleven-00097
D50P-16,D50A-sixteen 145-14-35110 D80E-twelve one hundred fifty-eleven-00097
D50P-17 a hundred forty five-14-35110 D85E-12 150-eleven-00097
D75S-3/five a hundred forty five-fourteen-35110 D85C-1 a hundred and fifty-11-00097
D85A-21 one hundred forty five-14-35110 D80-18 154-20-57100
D85A-21-E a hundred forty five-fourteen-35110 D85-eighteen 154-20-57100
D85E-21 one hundred forty five-fourteen-35110 D85-21 154-20-57100
D155A-2 one hundred forty five-14-35110 D150A-one a hundred seventy five-twenty-00050
D85A-12 one hundred fifty-11-12360 D155A-1,two 175-twenty-00050
D95S-1/two a hundred and fifty-eleven-12360 D155S-one one hundred seventy five-20-00050
D80A,E,P-eighteen 154-twenty-0571 D355A-1,3,5 195-twenty-00011
D85A-eighteen,21 154-20-0571 WA450-3A-TW 421-20-12620
D85A-21-E 154-twenty-0571 WA450-3L,LL 421-20-12620
D85A-21B 154-20-0571 WA470-1,1L 421-twenty-12620
D85A-21B-E 154-20-0571 WA470-three 421-twenty-12620
D85C-21-A 154-20-0571 WA470-3-X 421-20-12620
D85E-eighteen,21 154-twenty-0571 WA500-three 421-twenty-12620
D85E-21-E 154-twenty-0571 WA600-1-A 421-twenty-12620
D85P-18,21 154-20-0571 WA600-three 421-20-12620
D85P-21-E 154-20-0571 WA600-3-D 421-twenty-12620
D135A-1,two a hundred seventy five-twenty-00060 WD600-one 421-twenty-12620
D150A-one a hundred seventy five-twenty-00060 WF450-3 421-20-12620
D155A-1,two a hundred seventy five-20-00060 WF450-3-D 421-twenty-12620
D155A-2A 175-twenty-00060 WF450T-1A 421-20-12620
D155C-1 a hundred seventy five-20-00060 WF450T-3 421-20-12620
D155C-1P 175-twenty-00060 WF550T-3A,3D 421-twenty-12620
D155C-1P-ZZ a hundred seventy five-twenty-00060 WF600T-one 421-twenty-12620
D155W-one 175-twenty-00060 WA400-1-A 424-20-12620
D355C-three a hundred seventy five-twenty-00060 WA420-one 424-twenty-12620
D355C-3-A 175-20-00060 WA500-1-A 424-twenty-12620
D355A-3,5 195-twenty-11100 WA420-3-X 421-twenty-12620
D455A-1 195-twenty-11100 WA420-3CS 421-twenty-12620
WA420-3 421-20-12620 WA450-1-A 421-twenty-12620

Code No. OEM Bulldozers U-JOINTS
D910 6K 0571 D4D 6K 0571
920 1S9670 D5 7G2037
926 8V6435 D5 1S9670
930 1S9670 D6B 1S9670
931 6K 0571 D6C 1S9670
936 8V6435 D6D 1S9670
950 6H2577 D7E 6H2577
950 7K0442 D7E 6H2579
980 7H3958 D7F 7G2037
983 6H2579 D7F 6H2577
988 6H2579 D7F 2K3631
988 7H3958 D7F 1S9670
992 7H3958 D7G 7G2037
922B 1S9670 D7G 1S9670
926E 8V6435 D7H 6H2577
928F 8V6435 D7H 7H3958
931B 6K 0571 D8E 6H2579
936E 8V6435 D8H 6H2579
950B 7V4077 D8H 7H3958
950E 7V4077 D8H 2K3631
950F 7V4077 D8K 7H3958
951B 6K 0571 D9 7H3958
951B 7K0442 D9G 7H3958
951C 6K 0571 D9G 2K3631
955H 1S9670 D9H 7H3958
960F 7V4077 D9L 7H3958
966A 6H2577 D10 6H2577
966B 6H2577 D10N 7H3958
966B 7K0442 Grader Joint Model
966C 6H2577 912F 2D2978
966C 7K0442 112 2D2978
966C 2V7153 120 2D2978
966D 7V3842 120B 2D2978
966E 7V3842 140B 2D2978
966F 7V3842 14E 2D2978
966R 7K0442 Dump Truck U-JOINTS
966R 2V7153 657 6H2579
977K 1S9670 666 6H2579
977L 1S9670 769 6H2579
980B 7H3958 825 6H2579
980C 7H3958 768B 6H2579
980F 7H3958 824B 6H2579
988B 6H2577    
988B 7H3958    
992B 7H3958    
992C 7H3958    
996B 7H3958    

Safer and more compact to use: The PTO enlargement shaft is entirely examined, compact and can be changed straight with out any hassle, making it an productive energy transfer device. Safety chains and plastic shields defend in opposition to possible dangers during transportation.
The tractor’s brief shaft, typically referred to as the PTO, transmits energy from the tractor to the PTO-driven machine or resource. Electrical power transfer is reached by connecting the machine’s driveshaft to the tractor’s PTO stub shaft. The PTO and driveshaft were run at 540 rpm (9 cycles/sec) or a thousand rpm (sixteen.6 cycles/sec). At any pace, their rotation is proportional to the speed of the tractor engine. Most incidents involving PTO stubs are thanks to garments being caught by a occupied but unsuspecting PTO stub. Causes a PTO stub may possibly continue to be engaged include: the operator forgets or does not know the PTO clutch is engaged sees the PTO stub spinning but thinks it is not dangerous sufficient to launch it, or the operator is engaged in work routines. Shoelaces, pant legs, overalls and coveralls, sweatshirts, and trench coats are clothes that can be grabbed and wrapped close to spinning PTO spools.

China Custom CZPT Tr100 Propeller Shaft Shaft 1525811, 15352888, 15378708     near me factory