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About CZPT Cardan Shaft

With more than 35 many years of production expertise, skilled design and style and R & D team integrate the advancement and creation of Cardan shafts.

Our export items are in accordance with Worldwide Specifications and have been satisfying the needs of our customers around the world.
Our expertise of more than 30 a long time and innumerable contacts permits us to supply you with the very best links to the leading suppliers of Spare components to China and the entire world automotive and Sector.

Because of our extensive resources and capabilities, Lynnuo will be glad to manufacture or source any Part as for each your requirements or wants.

We appear forward to your reply and a possibility to have a lengthy and mutually beneficial enterprise relationship with you. So you should do not wait to ship us any queries or suggestions.

Honest support. Safe resource. Spirited Supplier.

Cardan Shaft Versions


Product Flange Dimensions Nominal Toque Normal Duration Min Purchase Can be Custom-made or not
SWC-I Light Duty From 58mm to 225mm 180N.m – 22000N.m 255mm – 860mm 1 established sure
SWC Medium Responsibility From 160mm to 225mm 21KN.m – 56KN.m 740mm – 1000mm one set sure
SWC Heavy Responsibility From 250mm to 620mm 80KN.m – 1250KN.m 1060mm – 1280mm 1 established indeed
Slide Universal Coupling Depends on your drawing
Cardan Joint Please recommend us of your flange and torque
– All Cardan shafts we can make, make sure you send out us your drawing or the photograph you used.
– We will provide you with our ideal transmission answers.
A Cardan Shaft Manufacturer You Can Often Believe in In China

Making Method & Cardan Shaft Applications

Why Select CZPT Cardan Shaft?



– In excess of 30 several years of Cardan shaft manufacturing expertise
– All spare parts of Cardan shafts are produced by ourselves
– All Cardan shafts balance test just before paint
– All Cardan Shafts dimensions are calculated by hand
– All Cardan shafts Meet and exceed TS16949 industry requirements
– Completely help your Cardan shaft design development

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All Types of Cardan Shaft to Assistance Your Project and Company

As a professional Cardan Shaft manufacturer and manufacturing unit in China, Lynnuo Cardan shaft has been in the Cardan shaft sector for over twenty years.

We produce and provide all varieties of Cardan shafts, like mild-responsibility, medium-obligation, weighty-duty, and much more.

Because of our large assets and capabilities, We will be glad to manufacture or source any Element as for every your specs or wants.


Associated Elements for Cardan Shaft


Do you have MOQ for your Cardan shafts Buy?

We do not have MOQ for every single buy, we can manufacture the Cardan shafts from 1 laptop.

Can I check out your Cardan shaft manufacturing factory?

Welcome to pay a visit to our Cardan shafts factory in ZheJiang  China. Fly to HangZhou directly and we will decide you up.

Can you send us your certification?

Of course, just inform us which certification you want to check, we will give you a obvious PDF structure.

What are the payment methods?

We only take T/T a hundred% in Progress. You will get pictures and video clip for your Cardan shafts producing and packaging.

Does Lynnuo only manufacture light-duty Cardan shafts?

No, We do not only produce light-obligation Cardan shafts, but also the medium-obligation, equipment coupling, sliding couplings. We manufacturing all spare parts by ourselves, so with your drawing, we can offer for you. Just ship us your requirements.


The PTO shaft transmits electrical power from the tractor to the PTO electrical power attachment. This allows the tractor to energy a variety of tractor instruments, such as flail mowers, sawdust, rotary tillers, excavators, and a lot more. PTO shaft connectors on tractors are not standardized, which can guide to issues when connecting the PTO shaft. For instance, on some old tractors, the connecting flange is comparatively shut to the tractor itself, so the link is difficult and there is a possible basic safety hazard.
Interior yokes – there are two, at every conclude of the PTO shaft – tractor and employ. This is soldered to the driver’s conclude. Cardan Joints – There are two, located on each end of the PTO shaft. Outer Yokes – There are two, situated on each ends of the PTO shaft. It has a “Y” link to u and a woman hole. Security Chains – Chains are utilised to secure PTO shafts to products and tractors. Protection Guards – These cones are positioned at the two finishes.

China Custom CZPT CS027 Welded Motor Shaft Connected Parts Cardan Shaft CZPT     wholesaler